Our Programs


TCH programsThe shelter program addresses the basic needs of homeless individuals by providing accommodation, food and safety, twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week. The program provides clients with referrals, advocacy and escorts to medical, dental, legal and educational services. Assistance is provided to ensure clients receive all mandated financial entitlements. Through the program, clients receive escorts to access health and library cards and are able to attend recreational activities and outings such as gym, plays, sports events, concerts and cultural events.


TCH programs The counselling program offers assessment, counselling plans, life skills coaching and short term counselling services to singles, newcomers and parents on an individual, group and family basis. The program helps newcomers deal with their past traumas caused by torture, violence or near death experiences in their home countries and offers appropriate supports and referrals about relevant issues of the Canadian society. Counselling is provided to help clients deal with problems of everyday living and helps people deal with times of personal crisis such as adjusting to a new life in Canada, eviction, divorce, or death of a loved one. Parenting information and/or supports are made available to families individually or in groups. Brief counselling and appropriate referrals are made available to women and children who have experienced domestic violence.

Counselling offers the assistance and personal support to help people deal with their adverse responses to issues of unemployment, eviction, poverty and racism. Parenting skills or alternative solutions are offered to help strengthen families.


TCH programsThrough the Housing Program, long and short-term housing plans are developed considering the individual's source of funds, total income and eligibility for government assistance. All housing options such as co-ops, transitional, supportive and social housing are investigated. Social housing applications are created and submitted or updated. A network of housing providers in the private market has been developed and is kept current. Consumers are matched with desired locations or former neighbourhoods and escorts and advocacy are provided to view units and to negotiate with landlords. Assistance to help clients access mandated housing entitlements is provided. Referrals are arranged to acquire furniture and household items and assistance provided to locate movers. Handouts and information about services in the new community are provided.


TCH programsThe Employment Program provides clients with employment and training opportunities and helps prepare them for employment. Skills are assessed and career and/or employment plans are developed. Resumes are prepared for those seeking employment and provide tools for refugees’ future employment seeking. Through the program, clients learn job search and interview techniques. Clients also receive referrals to job training programs and job interviews.


TCH programsThe Settlement Program offers assistance to help refugee families, couples, single men and women overcome language, cultural, and information barriers. Clients receive assistance throughout the Refugee determination process, information and support at each step , referrals to meet immigration criteria and deadlines and financial assistance for required charges incurred in the process. Services are offered to access schools, shelter, job search, community orientation health and financial counselling and daycare. Interpretation and translations services are provided and referrals are made to English language training programs. Referrals and collaboration with culturally appropriate networks, agencies and services are also provided.


TCH programsTo assist former residents of Toronto Community Hostel to live independently, support people in achieving greater independence and improve social conditions for clients, the Outreach worker provides: crisis intervention and conflict resolution, advocacy for mandated benefits and services, interpretation and escorts to access community supports or ongoing services, housing maintenance and personal supports that include counselling, life skills training, mediation services and eviction prevention services. People are also connected with programs and services in their own communities.

For those who have never accessed the hostel system but are in danger of becoming homeless, the Outreach Worker assists people to acquire suitable housing, provides eviction prevention interventions and conflict resolution, life skills training and education on tenant rights, access to rent banks and advocacy for clients to receive their mandated benefits. Also offered are housing searches, assistance filling or updating social housing applications, escorts to view potential housing, escorts and advocacy at the Landlord and Tenant Board and collaboration with TCH housing worker and landlords.


TCH programsThrough this program, children, often victims of poverty, are allowed to work through their experiences and develop new skills. Social, cultural and physical activities are offered to children. Recreational programming includes arts and crafts activities, sports such as basketball, soccer and swimming and outings i.e. Toronto Metro Zoo, Riverdale Farm, Ontario Science Centre. Age appropriate developmental activities are also used. Orientation and ESL supports are offered to refugee children. Parent relief, which may include time-specific babysitting, parent supports and referrals to and advocacy with daycare are provided.